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Mission Australia Mattress Recycling is a recycling and refurbishment social enterprise that provides jobs and traineeships for people in the Illawarra region.


Did you know?

Mattresses are the most common items put out for council collections.
On average people change their mattress every 10 years.
Each year in Australia around 1.25 million mattresses end up in landfill.
An average mattress contains 12.5kg of steel, 2kg of wood and 1.5kg of foam – components Soft Landing separates for recycling, in the process diverting thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill each year.


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Don’t dump it - let's work towards a greener Australia.


Soft Landing offers you two ways to recycle mattresses


1. We can pick up from your home or business.

2. You can drop off at Bellambi or Smithfield.

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Green Globe Finalist 2012

  Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW